Power Systems Technology and Power Mechatronics
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Power Systems Technology and Power Mechatronics

comprises the "classic" as well as new disciplines of power engineering.

Power Systems Technology

The energy supply is one of the most important issues of our time, so the efficient use of fossil fuels, and the expansion of renewable energies is one of the great challenges of Power Systems Technology.

Power Mechatronics

Power Mechatronics combines the classical engineering disciplines of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and information technology and deals with their interaction.

Power Electronics

The power electronics is concerned with the conversion of electrical energy and its use at very high level of efficiency, for example for drive systems in traffic, industrial plants or power supply.


The main research interests lay in the renewable energy and its infrastructural integration as well as in the fields of mechatronic drive systems and power electronics.


Through a careful selection of lectures it is possible for the research group, to train young engineers in their research priorities and prepare them for industrial tasks also with the theoretical background.


With industrial projects and government subsidies, the research group brings new insights, not only in the education of future engineers, but is also a direct line into the economy.


In the promising field of electric vehicles, the research group has a large expertise, because of their projects in this field. For example, they have an own electric vehicle fleet on the road for some time, for everyday life tests.


Bayern 2 - Klaro Nachrichten für Kinder zum Thema Elektroautos

Professor Sourkounis hat einen kurzen Beitrag zu den klaro - Nachrichten für Kinder des Bayrischen Rundfunks (Bayern 2) gleistet. Die Schüler der Klasse 4d der Grundschule Göggingen-West haben ihn zum Thema Elektroautos befragt.


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Electromobility - counselling interview


EneSys organizes the next Special Session.


Electromobility - Result brochure of the Project LEM

The project "Long Distance Electromobility" was finished successfully at the end of 2014. To conclude the project a public closing event with exhibition took place at the Ruhr-University Bochum on Friday 27th of March 2015. You can find a brochure with project details using the following link (in German only).

Special Session at ESARS 2015 Aachen

On ESARS 2015 EneSys is organising a special session regarding the topic "Range Extension for Electric Vehicles and Extended Range Electric Vehicles". The Session is chaired by Prof. Sourkounis and the Co-Chair Prof. Staudt.